DIY smoke bomb. Easy to do, dangerous to use


Along with such pyrotechnic products as fireworks, firecrackers, firecrackers, sparklers, which have become firmly established in our lives and known to us since childhood, there are products for specialized purposes. This category includes a smoke bomb or, as it is called differently, a smoke bomb.

This remedy was used by the Russian army in the First World War.

As practice has shown, the use of smoke bombs during air bombing, artillery, and machine-gun fire from the enemy significantly reduces the effectiveness of enemy actions and helps to conceal the movement of troops or maneuver. In addition, it can be used as a camouflage or signaling agent. Currently, law enforcement agencies and special forces of different countries effectively use smoke to counteract reconnaissance weapons, as well as to interfere with the targeting of enemy high-precision weapons.

Submachine gunners in gas masks

In addition, smoke fumes are productively used not only in the military sphere, but also in agriculture to repel pests and combat frosts.

In security activities, smoke bombs help to disorient the criminal and quickly remove the protected person from his line of sight.

Today, colored smoke fumes are popular among photo shoot organizers. Colored smoke bombs add color and unusualness to photographs, because the smoke of bright, saturated colors hides the dull background, adding an atmosphere of mysticism to the photo exposure.

In everyday life, smoke blowers are widely used in sports games, strike and paintball.

There are smoke bombs and smoke grenades. The main difference is that the latter create a less intense and voluminous cloud of smoke, which spreads locally over a small area. While checkers are designed to create large smoke zones.

A hand-held smoke grenade (or in other words, an RDG smoke grenade) has an outer shell made of thick cardboard in a cylindrical shape, inside which there is a pyrotechnic smoke composition, and on the outside there is an ignition device. This grenade is very convenient to carry on your own, it is compact in size, quite light, and can be used without any problems while moving.

The most widespread use of smoke grenades during single combat operations of soldiers and small military units to simulate a fire of military equipment, the presence of troops in false deployment areas, blinding enemy firing points in close combat, etc. is due to their ease of individual use, small overall dimensions, throw range of 30 meters or more.

Most military smoke bombs weigh about 2.5 kilograms, which defines them as a static smoke release device. Due to their large mass, use while running becomes more difficult. Unlike a grenade, a checker is almost impossible to use while in cover, since due to its static nature, the area of ​​​​use is located in a clearly defined place in a pre-planned area.

Types of smoke products

    Hand smoke grenade (HSG). This type is mistakenly called “RDG smoke bomb”, meaning a grenade by a checker;Smoke bombs: small, large, unified, block;Smoke cartridge;Smoke bombs for use in aviation;Smoke machines;Smoke mines and artillery shells;Portable aerosol generator.

Small smoke bombs are a cylinder-shaped tin case with a smoke composition, which can be of two types: anthracene or metal chloride.

The main purpose of small smoke bombs is to use them in close combat to set up a short-term camouflage screen of smoke.

Large smoke bombs are made of sheet steel, also in the shape of a cylinder, but with a side hole designed to allow smoke to escape.

The design of such a checker allows it to be used on water, since the hole of the checker in any position is above the water. Large smoke bombs are used to hide large objects from enemy vision for a long time using a dense camouflage smoke cloud.

A type of large smoke bomb is considered to be an army smoke bomb - a military bomb that differs from its counterparts in greater power, creating a wide smoke zone to camouflage a large point of fire, columns of military equipment, etc.

A unified smoke bomb, also known as a smoke bomb UDSH, is designed for setting up smoke screens in two ways: manually and remotely.

The checker itself is made in the shape of a TM-62 anti-tank mine and weighs 13.5 kilograms. Places an invisible smoke screen from 100 to 150 meters long. Ignition time: 30 seconds – by impact, 10 seconds – using an electric igniter; intensive burning time – 10-12 minutes; Equally effective from minus 40 to plus 50 degrees Celsius.

What greatly distinguishes this type of checker from others is the unified method of activating it: mechanically or through an electric detonator, which, undoubtedly, is its know-how and advantage over other static checkers: it can be used from helicopter mine spreaders. The unified smoke tube under the cover has electric donator wires, as well as a push mechanism, locked with a ring bracket. Sometimes it is equipped with a handle in the form of a carrying belt.

Let's start the experiment

Extract the hydroperite and grind it into powder to a dust state, it is important that the better it is ground, the better the reaction will be. Pour the resulting flour into the first metal container, rinse the bowl in which the grinding took place, change your gloves and take out the analgin.

Remove it from the packaging and similarly turn it into flour using a pestle. Unlike hydroperite, it is harder; if possible, you can use a coffee grinder, but this is at your discretion. Pour the resulting powder into another metal container, and rinse the one in which the grinding took place. Remove and throw away the gloves you were wearing.

Powders must be stored separately; before testing, they should be cooled in a dark place. Any instruction on how to make a smoke bomb involves conducting an experiment in an open space in a deserted place. Arriving at the training ground, mix both powders and place the bowl on the ground, then step aside.

The reaction will begin by itself in a few minutes, it all depends on the ambient temperature. The higher it is, the faster the reaction will occur. There may be splashes and the smoke is extremely corrosive, so please exercise safety precautions and keep your distance.

If you use foil and heat it with a flame, the reaction will occur faster and without splashing.

The advantage of this method is that you do not need to use open fire to achieve the desired result.

Security measures

When activating any of the smoke bombs, you should carefully study the instructions and be sure to follow the safety rules, since the smoke bomb contains pyrotechnic smoke compositions - highly flammable substances, so it can only be used in uninhabited places, away from fire hazardous objects. The safe distance radius must be at least 200 meters.

It is recommended to use a remote method to activate a smoke bomb, for example, using a long lit stick. This is necessary in order to avoid possible consequences during its operation, since combustion is reactive in nature and can cause some movement of the checker. In any case, no matter what experience you have, you should always have fire extinguishing equipment with you and have the skills to use them.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below the article. We or our visitors will be happy to answer them

A smoke bomb or smoke bomb is a pyrotechnic device that produces smoke, used mainly for camouflage (manoeuvres), marking signals, and also to combat agricultural pests and frost. But in our beloved country, it is not used for its intended purpose, but for entertainment and is made independently by teenagers from scrap materials.

Instructions and rules of use

Using checkers it is allowed to carry out disinfestation of the following objects:

  • apartments;
  • private houses and dachas;
  • hangars and warehouses;
  • industrial areas;
  • garages;
  • gardens and campsites;
  • greenhouses and greenhouses.

Sometimes a one-time treatment is enough to completely rid your home of blood-sucking parasites. However, to achieve a guaranteed result, it is recommended to repeat the procedure after 2 weeks, since the smoke only affects adult bedbugs and larvae, but not eggs.

Security measures

Disinfestation using smoke bombs should be carried out only with personal protective equipment. They are put on before the actual use of checkers, and are removed only after the treatment of the room is completed and it has been ventilated.

Ideally, if there is an opportunity to wear a full chemical protective suit. Otherwise, you will need a respirator, rubber gloves and safety glasses. Gloves should be discarded after processing is completed.

You should wear personal protective equipment when lighting a smoke bomb.

In extreme cases, instead of a full protective kit, it is permissible to use a gauze bandage soaked in a soda solution: dilute a teaspoon of soda in one glass of water and soak the gauze with this liquid.

Preparation for processing

All windows in the room are tightly closed and ventilation holes are sealed with tape. Food, hygiene items, electronics and clothing are carefully packaged in impenetrable casings to prevent them from becoming saturated with smoke. All cabinets and drawers are opened so that smoke can easily penetrate them. Furniture is disassembled and laid out in parts on the floor. Bedding is removed from the mattresses and placed vertically, leaning against the wall. Fire safety sensors are turned off. There should be no objects left in the room that will first come into contact with smoke and then come into direct contact with human skin.

Processing process

If the checker is inside a jar and is activated by contact with liquid, this jar is filled with water to the indicated mark.

If the checker has a fuse, it is set on fire. To do this, the product is placed on a sheet of metal, inside a metal bucket, in a ceramic container, or on a brick. The burning of the checker lasts 10–20 minutes

It is important that there are no flammable objects within its reach

After this, the room is left for several hours - the exact time is indicated in the instructions for use of the checker. A maximum of 2 minutes is allotted to leave the room - this is how long it takes for the wick to burn, after which toxic smoke will begin to enter the air.

What to do after treatment?

Upon completion of the treatment, a person in a protective suit enters the room, opens the windows and leaves the house to be ventilated for at least 20 minutes. After this, a thorough wet cleaning is carried out in the house, adding soda ash to the water at the rate of 250 g per 1 bucket. If the person who entered the room to open the windows did not have a full chemical protective suit, clothing should be removed and washed thoroughly.

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Types of smoke bombs

Smoke bombs can be divided by duration of action: long-term and instantaneous. A long-acting smoke pipe is a metal barrel with a hole(s) for supplying smoke.

An instant smoke squib is a squib with a fast-burning composition that releases smoke. The duration of smoke emission, both for instant and long-term smoke bombs, depends on the composition and volume of the smoke bomb filler. Next we will talk about instant home-made smoke bombs and how they can be made at home with minimal cost and time.

Benefits of smoky liquid

Natural flavoring has 3 undeniable advantages over conventional smoking.

  • Dishes with liquid smoke cook faster. Hot smoking of meat and fish takes an average of 2 hours, cold smoking – more than a day. The same piece of pork, marinated in a sauce with added flavoring, will acquire a familiar taste in 1-1.5 hours.
  • The product saves money, time and effort. Preparing food for smoking, purchasing and arranging a smokehouse, lighting it, and the cooking process itself will take several times more resources than baking meat in the oven.
  • Oddly enough, natural flavoring makes food healthier. When we cook meat and fish on coals, in addition to the aromas of wood, the food absorbs dangerous carcinogens. Most of these impurities are filtered out of the additive during production.

Smoke bomb using nitrate (ammonium nitrate)

To prepare a smoke fume, you will need the following ingredients: ammonium nitrate and paper (newspaper).

Ammonium nitrate must be mixed with water until completely dissolved (in the proportion of 3 parts water and 1 part nitrate).

Pour the resulting solution into a suitable container for soaking newspapers (for example, a basin). Place newspapers in the solution for 15-30 seconds. Afterwards, dry the soaked newspapers.

After drying, 3-5 sheets of newspaper (whole, not torn) need to be tightly wrapped in a tube (so that there is no hole in the center; the duration and intensity of the smoke emitted will depend on the length and diameter of the tube) and tied tightly with thread. Set the resulting tube on fire and place it on the ground. The larger the pipe, the more smoke it emits. Watch the video: a 50 kg smoke pipe according to a recipe with saltpeter.

Method one

To make a smoke bomb out of paper, which we will use as a newspaper, we will also have to prepare ammonium nitrate (ammonium nitrate) and a device for watering.
This method of obtaining Take ammonium nitrate and mix it with water, in the proportion of 30% powder to 70% water

It is important that the liquid does not have any sediment after mixing.

After stirring, a film layer will appear on top of the liquid, which must be removed.

Pour the resulting solution into a pre-prepared container, preferably a bottle, place a device for watering there and screw it on.

Carrying out the following operations at home can be dangerous, so you should carry out all manipulations outside, in an open, well-ventilated area. Since the solution may react with the surface of the carpet, furniture, and so on.

Take one piece of newspaper, unfold it and start spraying the mixture. Then place another spread on the already wet one and apply the liquid again.

Next, to continue production, hang each soaked sheet to dry on a clothesline at medium temperature. Make sure that the sun's rays do not come into contact with the surface of the paper. It will take us three to five hours to dry.

Prepare in advance the tape and container where the checker will be placed.

Next, remove one newspaper spread, make sure it is dry, fold it in half and roll it into a tube. Then remove the second one, also fold and twist. Make sure that the paper fits together as tightly as possible.

If there is a lot of oxygen supplied, the newspapers will simply burn and nothing will happen.

Smoke bomb using salt

This smoke bomb is the simplest.

To make a smoke bomb, you will need the following components: paper (newspaper), salt (preferably fine, since coarse salt can shoot in different directions when heated) and tape.

We crumple the paper into a lump, then open this lump and pour salt into the center. After this, we wrap it tightly with tape and the smoke pipe is ready to be set on fire.

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Smoke bomb using soap

The principle of making a smoke bomb using soap is similar to making a smoke bomb using saltpeter and this will require the following components: laundry soap and paper (newspaper).

We fill a basin with water and rub the laundry soap on a coarse grater. Dissolve the soap in water and carefully soak the sheets in the resulting mass. We dry the soaked sheets of paper; they must be intact; otherwise, due to the large volume of oxygen inside the smoke oven, there will be less smoke.

We roll them into a tight bag and wrap them in plastic. Insert a wooden rod into the center. The smoke tube is ready for use.

Method two

Unlike firecrackers, fireworks, and even sparklers, smoke bombs are relatively safe when used with caution. One of the easiest ways to make a smoke bomb without saltpeter is to use analgin and hydroperite.

The first drug, we are sure many of you have come across, is a popular remedy for headaches. The second is used when treating wounds, although in theory it can even be used to dye hair.

But we have not gathered here to discuss the beneficial properties of these drugs; we are interested in something else, namely their chemical reaction with each other.

These tablets are not expensive and are available in every pharmacy; the components included in the composition are not toxic, but their combined use will greatly surprise you.

Smoke bomb without using paper

Below are several ways to make a smoke stove without using paper.

To make a smoke bomb, you will need the following main components: hydroperite and analgin in tablets. These tablets can be purchased at a pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. Hydroperit costs around 30 rubles for 8 tablets, analgin costs around 25 rubles for 10 tablets.

Mash the tablets with a large spoon and turn them into powder. Pour the resulting powder one by one into a container, for example, into an iron can. The reaction of smoke release occurs when the container is heated.

You can make a smoke bomb from plastic items such as a table tennis ball, a tumbler and an officer's ruler (Soviet style). We break it into several pieces and set it on fire, let it flare up a little, then extinguish it and watch the white smoke.

It is also possible to use the above-described plastic products with paper. Break it into small pieces. We wrap the pieces tightly in paper, set them on fire, let them flare up and simmer.

Watch the making of a smoke blower in the video:

Smoke from the line

It is noteworthy that a smoke maker from a ruler can be made not only from school supplies. Smoky plastic is used to make picks or ping pong balls. So, we need, suppose, one pick, a matchbox and one match.

  • Cut the pick into small, small pieces.
  • Place them in a matchbox, laying them in one direction.
  • After filling the box, leave it slightly open.
  • Make a wick from a long piece of plastic by inserting it into the hole so that it comes into contact with the flammable material.
  • Light a match, light the fuse and run. The smoke will be very acrid and dangerous, at best you will end up with coughing and tears. The smoke will be dense and dense, and if not for its toxicity, then this method would have all the advantages.

Colored smoke bomb

I would like to give you a recipe for making the most colorful dumovukha – colored one. Especially if you use several smoke bombs of different colors at the same time. For manufacturing you will need the following main components:

    potassium nitrate, 60g; sugar, 40g; soda, 0.5 teaspoon; dye, 3 teaspoons (the more varied the colors, the better).

Take a bucket and put the prepared saltpeter and sugar into it. The proportion is 3 parts saltpeter and 2 parts sugar (i.e.

60 grams and 40 grams, respectively). Mix the mass, put it on low heat, and stir constantly, otherwise it may burn and fail. The mass should become homogeneous and acquire a slightly golden color. Add soda with dye. When adding soda, the mixture should foam. Don't stop stirring. Add 3 tsp.

l. dye. Let the resulting mixture cool to room temperature. Put on rubber gloves and start filling the container. For the container we will need empty paper towel rolls or something similar, one part needs to be sealed.

We fill the container with the mass as tightly as possible; there should be no emptiness. Insert some kind of stick into the center of the checker and leave the workpiece to dry. After a day, replace the stick with a wick, for example, made of twine. Smoke flare can be used.

Watch the colored smoke in the video:

Preliminary preparation

The components and tools for making the device can be found in the kitchen; the only thing you have to purchase is potassium nitrate. Fertilizer is offered in stores for gardeners and gardeners; there will be no problems with the purchase.

To make a smoke fume you will need:

50 gr. potassium nitrate; 10 gr. sodium bicarbonate; 50 gr. sugar (allowed to replace with powdered sugar); 55-65 gr

dye (available from hardware stores); a small diameter cardboard tube (suitable for toilet paper), a matchbox; pencil; stewpan (saucepan); a little tape; cotton swabs; fuse (carefully remove from the fireworks, soak a regular cord with saltpeter, use hunting matches).

To mix the composition, use a wooden stick or spoon.

Safety precautions when making a smoke bomb

    when making a smoke bomb, you should change into clothes that you won’t mind getting dirty or even ruined;
    The face should be kept as far away from the ingredients as possible;
    eyes should be protected with special safety glasses;
    You must wear rubber gloves on your hands;
    The respiratory system should be protected with a respirator;
    It is better to carry out the procedure for making a smoke bomb on the street or in the garage;
    You should not dry newspapers soaked in saltpeter at home; drops that fall on the floor are eaten away and difficult to remove;
    if an open flame gets into the ingredients, a fire may occur;

smoke bombs, especially those based on ammonium nitrate, cannot be stored.

They should be made before direct use, since spontaneous combustion or even explosion of the smoke fume is possible.

Method eight

A colored smoke bomb is quite difficult to make, but the resulting result is sometimes fascinating in its unusualness. For the experiment, you will need half a teaspoon of soda, half a hundred sugar, 60 grams of saltpeter, any food coloring, a saucepan for mixing reagents, cardboard tubes (you can take from paper towels), and a clothesline.

Pour sugar and saltpeter into a saucepan, place over low heat and stir so that the mixture does not burn.

When the sugar has melted and the mixture turns golden, add food coloring and baking soda. As soon as foam appears, stop stirring and turn off the heat, allowing the mixture to cool to room temperature.

Seal the cardboard tubes tightly on one side, then pour in the mixture and insert a stick, such as a toothpick, in the center

It is important that the mixture is evenly distributed and does not allow air to enter.

Place the cardboard tube in a dark place for a day.

When using, pull out the stick and insert a thread into it, which will serve as a wick.

Safety precautions when using a smoke bomb

    A smoke bomb should be used in deserted places. There should be no people within a radius of 200-250 meters, as well as nothing flammable or explosive;
    to ignite a smoke stove, it is better to use a remote igniter (for example, a stick with fire at the end);
    After igniting a smoke bomb, reactive combustion is possible and it can begin to rush and fly in different directions. You need to be prepared for this and plan your actions;
    Fire extinguishing means must be kept at the ready in case the situation gets out of control and be able to use them.

REMEMBER!!! Making and using a smoke bomb imposes obligations on you to preserve property, as well as preserve the life and health of people. Your careless actions can lead to irreversible consequences and even death. So, if you are not confident in your abilities and cannot implement the technique and safety measures 100%, then you should not take on making, much less using, a smoke bomb!!!

An example of using colored smoke for useful purposes:



Method five

In this method, we will learn how to make a smoke bomb from matches. The resulting bomb will burn purple and sparkle when interacting with fire. You will need a package of activated carbon, a couple of boxes of matches, and 30 grams of potassium permanganate powder.

Unpack the activated charcoal and turn the tablets into flour using a spoon, then pour into a bowl.

Pour thirty grams of potassium permanganate into a container with activated carbon.

Cut off the match heads and then pour them into a common bowl.

To conduct the experiment, you need to make sure that there are no people, animals, or social objects at a safe distance. Light a match and throw it into the bowl, then run away to a distance of fifteen meters. This safety measure is due to the fact that the smoke is extremely caustic, and the reaction allows splashes of up to two meters or more.

The Bootlegger's Invention

The history of smoke screens dates back to the distant past: both the Romans and the Vikings hid their movements on the battlefield in puffs of smoke. It is believed that the dragon's head on the bow of the Kobukson, a 15th-century Korean warship, emitted smoke created by the combustion of sulfur and saltpeter, and these acrid clouds also served for camouflage. However, the importance of camouflage smoke was truly appreciated only in the 20th century - in the century of total wars, during which it was often necessary to break through the continuous, deeply echeloned defense of the enemy.

After the Second World War, many types of equipment and ammunition were developed in different countries of the world, including the USSR, to create camouflage screens. It’s worth saying right away that a smoke screen is not necessarily smoke. Smoke, that is, combustion products, is spread by camouflage agents based on pyrotechnics. Other devices generate liquid aerosols, that is, fine suspensions consisting of microscopic droplets. The honor of inventing liquid aerosol curtains belongs to the American First World War veteran Alonzo Patterson, who was, among other things, known for smuggling alcohol during Prohibition in the United States. It was he who came up with the idea of ​​evaporating oil by heating it with hot gases. When mixed with cold air, the oil condensed into tiny droplets, creating a thick white fog.

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