Insecticidal smoke bomb Samuro against flying and crawling insects

Eliminating cockroaches from an apartment is a difficult task that cannot be accomplished the first time.

These are unpleasant insects that have good vitality, they quickly adapt, and also, over time, develop strong immunity to insecticides. Not long ago, a smoke bomb for cockroaches appeared.

An effective insecticide helps to quickly destroy unpleasant parasites after one application. It is suitable for processing large areas. But it’s still worth considering the features and properties first.

Description and purpose

A Samuro smoke bomb is a tin container containing a hermetically sealed powder. In addition, it is additionally packaged in a cardboard box, and instructions for using the product are attached to it. One package of the drug contains 50 g of insecticide.

The Samuro smoke bomb is intended for treating premises against bedbugs, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, and fleas. Affected individuals die within 27 minutes from the start of its use. According to customer reviews, Samuro is also effective against cockroaches.

Smoke bomb - what is it?

The smoke bomb is a new generation insecticidal development that deals with bedbugs much more effectively than traditional sprays and aerosols. This method of killing parasites came to Russia from Japan and China.

The smoke bomb was created in Japan

Checkers destroy bedbugs by acting on them in a complex manner with the following insecticides:

  • permethrin (has a paralyzing effect);
  • hexachlorane (chlorine-based poison);
  • didecyldimethylammonium bromide (effectively destroys insects, fungi, bacteria and infections);
  • molecular sulfur (promotes the formation of clouds of smoke in large volumes).

IMPORTANT: fourth generation permethrin is called cypermethrin. The bugs have not yet had time to adapt to this acaricidal drug.

Composition of the drug Samuro

The active component of this product is permethrin, which belongs to the group of pyrethroids. The concentration of the active substance in the Samuro insecticidal bomb is 5%.

The product also includes additional components such as an oxidizing agent, a flame arrester, and filler. They are necessary for the safety of using the product and enhancing the effect of the active component. Their presence increases the effectiveness of the Samuro checker when used against bedbugs and other harmful insects.

Types of smoke bombs

Checkers can be classified according to two main parameters:

  • scope of application (for residential or non-residential premises);
  • activation method (to make smoke, the checker is either set on fire or placed in a jar of water).

IMPORTANT: bombs from which smoke begins to emit upon contact with water are called aquafumigators. The penetrating power of their smoke is lower than that of smoke from models with a ignited wick.

Among the most popular models available for sale in Russia today are:

  1. Japanese model "Samuro". It is recognized as the most effective for residential premises, but costs around 1000 rubles, and there is a risk of running into a fake. It is activated upon contact with water and is sufficient to treat rooms up to 26 square meters. m.

    Insecticidal bomb Samuro

  2. "Raptor". Activated upon contact with water. It releases a powerful paralytic substance that also affects bedbug eggs. One checker is enough to process 30 square meters. m. It ranks second in efficiency after the Japanese one, but costs several times less.


  3. "Pawn-B". It is characterized by the largest radius of action: one checker is enough to process a space of up to 300 square meters. m. It is used in agricultural premises and poisons, among other things, animals and birds that steal food supplies.

    Pawn – B

  4. Sulfur checker "Fas". It is used in non-residential premises, as in residential premises it causes poisoning in domestic animals.

    Checker “FAS”

  5. "Super face." This version of the Fas model is less toxic. It is suitable only for the destruction of small colonies of parasites, however, it harms human health much less.
  6. "Quiet evening". Optimal for warehouses with volumes up to 1000 cubic meters. m.

    Checker “Quiet evening”

  7. "Vortex". It is in demand in industry as it does not cause corrosion of equipment and at the same time destroys over 30 species of insects.

    Smoke bomb “Whirlwind”

These products are recognized as leaders in their respective segments.

To avoid counterfeits when choosing an Asian-made checker, you need to make sure that the chemical composition and the name of the manufacturer are indicated on the packaging.

How does the product work?

The principle of operation of the drug is that during the treatment of the room, smoke is released containing toxic substances for insects. It penetrates into hard-to-reach places where insects usually hide. This is the reason for the high efficiency of the Samuro smoke bomb.

The poison dissolved in the air penetrates the insect’s body through the chitinous cover and spiracles. It causes disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system, as a result of which impulses are not transmitted from the brain to the limbs. This leads to the development of paralysis and then the death of the insect.

According to the manufacturer, the drug begins to act 5 minutes after its activation, and the visible result, as mentioned above, is noticeable after 27 minutes.

Operating principle

The principle of operation of a smoke bomb

After activating the checker, smoke fills the entire space of the apartment or house. It overtakes bloodsuckers anywhere in the room and penetrates under the chitinous membrane and into the hemolymph. Smoke destroys the nervous system of both young and mature bedbugs, completely paralyzing and causing rapid death.

Smoke from a bomb kills bedbugs, but not eggs

IMPORTANT: not only the smoke itself is destructive for bedbugs, but also the white coating from it, which covers all surfaces in the room with an even, uniform layer. If individual parasites survive and try to run through this plaque, the poison will still penetrate their chitinous shell and lead to paralysis.

Instructions for use

Before using a Samuro smoke bomb for pest control, you need to prepare the room. To do this, you should pack all food and things in sealed containers and bags, remove your pets, remove plants, and cover the aquarium.

In order for the treatment to be as effective as possible, it is recommended to take care of the airtightness of the room. This will allow you to maintain a high concentration of the toxic substance in the air throughout the entire waiting period. It is necessary to close windows, doors, and also do not forget about ventilation ducts to prevent insecticidal smoke from entering other apartments.

Only one person should be in the room during processing. And to avoid problems with the fire alarm, it must be turned off in advance.

For effective disinfestation, it is necessary to place the Samurov smoke bomb in the center of the room, placing it on a non-flammable stand. After this, you need to remove the lid and set the powder on fire. As soon as smoke begins to be released, you should immediately leave the room and close the front door tightly.

If several packages of the drug are needed for disinfestation, then they need to be placed evenly over the area and the checkers located furthest from the exit should be set on fire first.

After treatment, the room must remain closed for 4 hours. Then it needs to be ventilated for 2 hours. To do this, you need to create a draft by opening windows and doors. After the waiting period has expired, wet cleaning should be done using a soap-soda solution that neutralizes the effect of the insecticide.

The Samuro smoke bomb does not have a detrimental effect on the egg-laying of insects. Therefore, after 10 days, disinfestation should be repeated to prevent the repeated massive spread of parasites and pests.

What explains such high efficiency?

First of all, the large amount of insecticidal smoke that one bomb generates. The volume of the toxic environment in the form of smoke when it burns is several times greater than the total cloud of insecticide produced by a can of Raptor or dichlorvos.

The smoke particle sizes are only a few tens of microns. Due to their microscopic size, they can penetrate into the thinnest cracks and recesses - under baseboards, into sockets, furniture and kitchen equipment. Smoke penetrates even frames covered with upholstery. And this is the favorite hiding place of all parasitic insects.

The finely dispersed composition of the smoke allows it to spread evenly throughout all the nooks and crannies of the apartment, so there is no need to look for the localization of cockroaches. The poison penetrates into the most hidden places, due to which all insects find themselves in the affected area.


The results of treating an apartment with smoke bombs are close to those achieved by using equipment that produces hot and cold fog. In both cases, the sizes of aerosol (smoke) particles are so small that, thanks to Brownian motion, they remain in the air for a long time and manage to penetrate into all the secluded places where insects hide. With the same result, using smoke bombs yourself is much simpler and cheaper (about 10 times) than inviting professional exterminators with expensive equipment.

Alexander, Moscow

Cockroaches are a real disaster for residents of apartment buildings. Once they get established, they are incredibly difficult to get rid of completely. No matter how we tried to kill and poison them, we never succeeded in completely destroying the harmful insects. They made our lives miserable for years. But one day my patience ran out, and I decided to use a mosquito smoke bomb, which I sometimes use when going fishing. They lit it and went to the neighbors. I had to sit with them around noon.

When we returned, we looked around - like a battlefield. There are dead cockroaches lying around everywhere, you can even pick them up with a shovel. We didn’t even think that it would be so effective. Two months have passed since the saber was used, and the cockroaches still have not appeared.

The principle of operation of house bombs is the nerve-paralytic effect that the insecticidal substance contained in the smoke has on cockroaches. It penetrates the respiratory system of insects, and from it into the hemolymph, from which it reaches the nerve cells (ganglia). As a result, the insect becomes paralyzed.

Consumption rate

The effectiveness of using a Samuro checker directly depends on the size of the room and the type of insect.

One package of the product has a detrimental effect on:

  • mosquitoes – room volume up to 500 m³;
  • bedbugs, fleas – up to 90 m³;
  • flies – up to 400 m³;
  • wasps – up to 60 m³.

If the volume of the room is more or less than specified, the calculation must be carried out independently. If necessary, the insecticidal powder can be divided into parts, pour each onto any metal surface and set them on fire in different rooms.


Ways of penetration of cockroaches

Where and why do cockroaches come from? There are plenty of ways for parasites to enter a residential area.

Insects can leave their previous home after persecution or enter the apartment through garbage chutes, ventilation ducts or through existing cracks. If the conditions of stay turn out to be favorable (plenty of food and drink, comfortable temperature, the presence of secluded corners), cockroaches will happily continue to live and breed in a new place.

An uncleaned table, a dirty trash can, exposed food, a wet sink, a small puddle on the stove or a leaking tap are factors that encourage cockroaches to firmly establish themselves in an apartment with such “ideal” conditions.

Precautionary measures

The use of a Samuro smoke bomb is associated with certain risks for humans. Before activating the drug, you need to wear clothes that can cover the skin as much as possible. It is also recommended to use rubber gloves and a face mask. Only after this can the checker be set on fire.

Avoid getting insecticidal powder into your eyes. But, if this happens, you should immediately wash it off with water.

If a person did not manage to leave the room in a timely manner and was exposed to toxic smoke, this can cause poisoning, accompanied by nausea, dizziness, and weakness. In this case, you need to go out into the fresh air and take activated carbon at the rate of 1 tablet for every 10 kg of a person’s weight.


When working with the Samuro checker, you should carefully follow the prescribed precautions. If your apartment is reliably isolated from neighboring rooms, then by closing the doors and windows you will not let smoke out of the treated home. The consistency of the smoke does not cause the fire protection systems to react, so they will not need to be turned off.

When working with the product, use gauze bandages to protect the respiratory tract, gloves and goggles. If the mixture gets into your eyes, rinse them with a 2% soda solution. If the powder gets into the digestive system, an adult should drink up to 15 tablets of activated carbon with plenty of water. Remove all food, dishes, and children and pets. After treatment, thoroughly ventilate the room.

Efficiency, pros and cons

The Samuro smoke bomb belongs to the category of new generation products. And many buyers were able to appreciate its effectiveness. But, like other insecticidal agents, it has not only advantages, but also disadvantages.

Main advantages:

  • fast action;
  • causes mass death of adults and larvae;
  • penetrates into hard-to-reach places;
  • has a large area of ​​action;
  • does not cause difficulties in application.


  • preliminary preparation of the premises is necessary;
  • does not have a detrimental effect on egg laying.

How to prepare an apartment before fogging?

If there are cockroaches in the apartment, and you decide to call a team of exterminators to treat with fog, you need to take the following actions:

  1. Do the cleaning - wash the floors, wipe down the furniture, remove grease and stains from the surfaces in the kitchen.
  2. Rinse the bathroom and plumbing fixtures thoroughly.
  3. Get rid of garbage, wash and dry the bucket.
  4. Place all food items in the refrigerator, on the balcony, or pack them in bags and tie them tightly.
  5. Put bed linen in closets, like all things.
  6. Place toothbrushes and other personal belongings in lockers and put them in bags.
  7. Move the furniture a little (if possible).

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