Specifics of keeping rabbits for maximum production of fur and meat
Keeping rabbits on a home farm or homestead is quite simple. It is important to ensure for this
Photo of planting strawberries
What to put in the hole when planting strawberries, what fertilizers and fertilizers
When planting strawberries, it is worth putting fertilizer in the hole to stimulate growth and fruiting. Exactly
How to get rid of chicken mites: control and prevention measures
Hi all! What do mites look like on laying hens and broilers? Look at the photo and read
Subcutaneous mites in cats - first symptoms, treatment options and real photos of examples of parasite damage (110 photos + video)
What will you learn from the article The causative agent of demodicosis in cats is the subcutaneous mite Routes of infection Group
Tick ​​on a dog
What to do if you find a tick on a dog and what it looks like
In the spring, with the onset of the first warm days, before people who often go out into nature or work
Scabies in cats: types and how to treat
Scabies in cats: why it is dangerous, how to identify and treat it
Save the article: Among all cat problems, a contagious disease that is caused by a group of scabies mites stands out.
video about ticks
Ticks in 2022: dangerous areas and prevention of protection
Every year, almost throughout the entire territory of Russia, immediately after the snow melts, a period of activation begins
Acaricidal preparations against mites for plants. List
A tiny insect that lives next to us and can cause allergies. Dust mite
Red Rose
How to use folk remedies to fight spider mites on roses
In a flower garden for roses, one of the most malicious garden pests poses a serious danger -
video about ticks
Encephalitis tick: not quite the right name, but a real danger
Tick-borne encephalitis is a viral disease that can be transmitted to people and animals at the moment
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