How to get rid of small midges in the kitchen and in the house so as not to cause major problems? Where do insects come from?
Small stinking bugs appeared in the apartment. Length: 2-3mm. They look like ants in appearance. Black color.
Fighting the bark beetle: means and methods of protecting the site.
The bark beetle, 4-8 mm in size, is one of the most dangerous forest pests in
How to quickly fatten a horse for meat at home
How to fatten horses To fatten horses, you can use the same feed as for
Grasshopper in the grass, photo photography insects
An insect that makes sounds louder than an elephant, plus nine other loudest animals in the world
The volume level of a person's voice fluctuates around 60 dB. However, it is unlikely that the voice
mole rat photo
How to deal with mole rats - the best ways for a summer house and garden
Today we will talk about a representative of the mole rat family. The mole rat, the photo of which will be presented below, is different
Getting rid of woodlice
How to permanently get rid of woodlice on your property
Weed control in the garden is an eternal problem. In a landscaped area, I want to create optimal
6 effective ways to get rid of insects in your home
Why do you need to exterminate insects? Why is exterminating insects difficult? The most unpleasant types of insects,
Montbrezia flowers, growing - in the garden on the lawn
Montbrecia - planting and caring for plants in open ground
Montbretia flowers (crocosmia) are still rarely grown in summer cottages. These perennial corms, like
Slugs and snails - getting rid of uninvited guests in the garden
Irregularly shaped holes in the leaves and fruits of plants almost completely signal the summer resident about an invasion
Grape roots
Transplanting grapes to a new place: how and when is the best time to replant?
Why are grapes replanted? Grapes are replanted in cases where, for example, the site has been redeveloped, or
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