Why are there flies on the balcony?
What to do if the flies on the balcony really bother you
Suddenly appearing flies on the balcony can ruin the existence of any person. Pesky insects may “attack”
apiary in the attic
How to create an apiary on your site - a specialist’s story
Attic beekeeping Attic beekeeping is considered a type of pavilion keeping insects. In this case it is not required
Diseases of indoor plants photo
Diseases and pests: causes and treatment of indoor plants
Since pests spread very quickly at home, all crops must be inspected periodically to
Life cycle of the silkworm butterfly
History of domestication Silkworm eggs and their incubation Caterpillars, molting Living in a cocoon Butterfly, clutch
Owl butterfly
Podalirium butterfly insect. Description, features, types and lifestyle of the podalirium butterfly
Description of the cutworm butterfly Types of cutworms and how to distinguish them Winter cutworm Exclamation cutworm Garden moth
Mosquito larvae: how do they turn into pupae and what happens next, where does development take place?
Mosquitoes are considered common blood-sucking insects that are known for their annoying squeaks and painful bites. Creatures
order Diptera
Fighting flies and mosquitoes: basic methods and means
02/26/2020 Flies and mosquitoes are very annoying insects that bother everyone. A particularly pressing issue
What is the name of a small, unusually slender striped fly? Types of flies. What are blowflies?
People are familiar with flies firsthand. These annoying creatures cause them a lot of inconvenience. IN
How to remove (make invisible) mosquito bite marks?
Summer is a wonderful time of year, but the mood is darkened by blood-sucking insects. The mosquito lives almost everywhere.
Female silver spider (“Nature” No. 10, 2017)
What does a water spider look like and is it dangerous for humans - interesting facts about silver spiders, varieties
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