What to do if the flies on the balcony really bother you

Suddenly appearing flies on the balcony can ruin the existence of any person. Annoying insects can “attack” a room for a long period, from May until mid-autumn. It would seem, how can these insects interfere? In fact, if there are insects, you should get rid of them immediately. The thing is that during this period the flies not only feed and actively reproduce. They also spread various bacteria and germs.

Why are there flies on the balcony?

Where do flies come from indoors?

A house fly is an insect that quite often appears in a person’s home. And this is not surprising, since it is warm here and there is something to profit from, since many owners leave crumbs on the dining table, do not take out the trash can in a timely manner, and leave berries and fruits on the table in vases. The problem is that flies appear even when doors and windows are constantly closed. Few people have information that there are several ways for these insects to enter a person’s home.

Balcony treatment after midges

After all the midges are destroyed, you need to carefully examine the room so that there are no sources of their appearance on the balcony . Also pay attention to indoor plants, otherwise you risk encountering them again.

After examining the premises, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Be sure to thoroughly wash the places where vegetables and fruits are stored, as there are probably eggs and insect larvae left there. Clean using detergents;
  2. food for pets, if it has caused the appearance of fruit flies, must be removed during the day, and bowls and saucers must be washed periodically;
  3. the plants must be dried, the saucers must be washed, and the contaminated soil must be replaced to get rid of the larvae.

To prevent midges from flying in from the street or neighbors, use a mosquito net on the windows.

After completing all these steps, annoying midges are unlikely to appear on your balcony again. The only thing is to make sure that there is no breeding ground for them here.

Where do flies come from in an apartment?

There are several types of flies that prefer to appear in the house, although many are not aware of it. They have external similarities and also lead a similar lifestyle, so a non-specialist is unlikely to be able to discern these differences. With the arrival of spring, house flies appear in a person’s home and feel uncomfortable in the natural environment. Somewhere in the month of August, biting flies appear - burners, and at any time a blowfly, which is distinguished by its gray color, or a fly with a characteristic green or blue tint, can enter the home.

In an enclosed space, flies can appear on their own or they can be brought in by a person without suspecting anything about it. Adults can easily appear in an apartment through cracks that appear in the walls, in window sills, and also through ventilation ducts. They use any flaw or any oversight that a person leaves as a result of his life. These may be doors that are not tightly closed, mosquito nets that do not fit tightly, etc. But even with constant monitoring, these insects seem to appear out of nowhere in a person’s home.

A person himself is capable of bringing flies into his home that are at the stage of eggs and larvae. Flies lay their eggs on ripe or rotten fruits, plants and flowers. Green flies can easily appear in a home if the owners have left spoiled meat or fish somewhere. This type of fly develops precisely in such stale food products.

Interesting to know! Flies can appear in the house even in winter, which makes this process even more mysterious. Many people think that in winter there is definitely no place for flies in the apartment, since with the onset of winter they hibernate. But when the sun begins to shine through the windows, the air temperature in this place always rises, which awakens these insects. In such conditions, the fly’s activity does not last long: it is either destroyed by its owners, or it finds a new shelter for itself and falls asleep again.

A few words about midges

Brown small midges, which often appear on the balcony and in the kitchen, are called fruit flies or fruit flies. They have long settled next to humans, since we are an inexhaustible source of food for them.

The fact is that they feed on what is always available in abundance near people, namely:

  • sweet rotten fruits;
  • sour juices;
  • nectar of flowers, etc.

The most unpleasant thing for us is that they begin to breed as soon as their larvae enter the nutrient medium. Those. If you leave vegetables or fruits indoors, they begin to rot, and soon midges will definitely appear.

Therefore , if you do not start fighting them in time, they may soon fill the entire apartment. Of course, the question arises, where do the larvae come from? The fact is that flies lay them on food and plants, after which the larvae penetrate deeper and then pupate.

After hatching, the fly can lay eggs on the second day. Therefore, they reproduce very quickly and grow to adulthood in just 10 days.

It should also be noted that not only food causes the appearance of midges. These insects also love to parasitize the roots of indoor plants. Therefore, people who grow indoor flowers and other plants on the balcony often face a similar problem.

Fruits are a favorite food for midges

For people who live on the lower floors, the source of midges is often the grass on the lawn near the house. In addition, fruit flies can fly in from neighbors. Accordingly, no one is safe from their occurrence.

Fortunately, midges do not bite and do not transmit disease. The only thing is that, theoretically, they can cause intestinal upset . However, it is unlikely that anyone will eat rotten fruits after fruit flies have feasted on them.

What to do if the flies on the balcony really bother you

Suddenly appearing flies on the balcony can ruin the existence of any person. Annoying insects can “attack” a room for a long period, from May until mid-autumn. It would seem, how can these insects interfere? In fact, if there are insects, you should get rid of them immediately. The thing is that during this period the flies not only feed and actively reproduce. They also spread various bacteria and germs.

Why are there flies on the balcony?

Preventive measures

It is quite obvious that the main preventive measure in the fight against midges is to maintain cleanliness on the balcony or loggia, including the farthest corners. You should clean things up here no less often than in other areas of the apartment. If there is a vegetable storage facility there, it must be inspected regularly and spoiled food must be removed in a timely manner.

You should reconsider the watering regime for indoor plants - water them less and more often, or equip the flowerpots with a drip humidification system. The ground under the flowers can be sprinkled with fine decorative gravel; this will help retain moisture in the pots longer, the soil will become inaccessible to insects, and your flower garden will look aesthetically pleasing and original.

As for mosquito nets, it is better to install them in advance, in the middle or at the end of spring, before the midges manifest themselves.

As you can see, getting rid of small annoying insects is not so difficult; there are many simple and accessible ways to do this. The main thing is not to delay solving the problem; this will significantly increase the effectiveness of any method you choose.

Many effective methods

What is the easiest way to get rid of flies on the balcony? The best option is not to look for the causes, but to prevent them. It is better to do this using mosquito nets, which reliably protect the room from these insects. If flies suddenly fly onto the balcony, then you can quickly solve the problem using adhesive tape, which is fixed to the surface of the ceiling.

However, traditional methods are considered the most effective. What to do to get rid of flies on the balcony? If insects accumulate and die instantly, resulting in whole mountains of these insects appearing, you can use a vacuum cleaner.

Another great solution is to use a variety of plants. Geranium copes best with flies. This “fragrant” plant perfectly repels flies. It’s enough just to place pots with this flower on the balcony. Pests cannot stand the pungent odor of this plant.


There is a wide range of fly killing chemicals on the market. Just keep in mind that not all of them are suitable for use if children or pets live in the room. Pay due attention to familiarize yourself with the instructions for the purchased drug, and then strictly follow it.

Choose insecticides that contain permethrin and tetramethrin, which are less harmful to humans but lethal to dipteran insects . It is undesirable for fly preparations to contain fluorine, chlorine or phosphorus, because they can be toxic to humans, and the harm from insecticides will be greater than from flies.

Classification and type of chemicals:

  1. Aerosols – Dichlorvos, Karbofos, “Get”, “Varan”. Wearing a respirator, you need to spray the drug around the room, first closing all the windows, and then leave the house for a while.
  2. An electric fumigator is an electrical device with a plate inserted inside. When heated, the surface of the plate releases substances harmful to flying insects. There are many companies that manufacture plates, the most popular of which is Raid.
  3. Liquid "Raptor".
  4. Flybyte granules.
  5. Sticky tapes.
  6. DDT powder, better known as dust.
  7. Hexachlorane (can be used for wet cleaning).

Traditional methods against pests

If flies appear on the balcony, you can use cloves. The recipe is quite simple. It is enough to make a combination of:

First you need to pour the dry herbal composition into a metal container. The grass is poured with water, after which you will need to boil the mixture for a quarter of an hour. When the product is ready, you need to add any cologne to it. Using the resulting composition, you must thoroughly wipe all the window sashes and vents on the balcony. This product will quickly get rid of annoying pests.

The question of why there are flies on the balcony is relevant for many ordinary people during the warm season. There are several reasons for the occurrence of these insects within an apartment. Most people who suffer from this problem note that flies are infested due to:

Fighting the causes of midges

Removing midges from a balcony or loggia is only half the battle. To prevent the problem from recurring, it is necessary to identify and eliminate the causes of insects. To do this, you need to carefully inspect the room and eliminate everything that could become a source of larvae and life support.

If midges are infested in flowerpots with indoor plants, it is necessary to treat the places where insects accumulate with a special product from those sold in flower shops. A simple folk way to get rid of unwanted living creatures, which, by the way, are also harmful to plants, is to stick ordinary matches, heads down, into the potted soil.

To get rid of midges that fly onto your balcony from the street or from neighbors, you must constantly use a mosquito net. Of course, this only makes sense if the façade structure is glazed. If there is no glazing of the loggia or balcony, the fight against insects, unfortunately, will have almost zero effect. To prevent insects from attacking en masse an unglazed balcony located on the ground floor, you need to periodically mow the grass near the house and not moisten the lawn too much.

A simple but effective poisonous composition

As you can see, the essence of this problem is simple. That is why it is not so important to find out where the flies on the balcony come from, but how to get rid of them. An excellent solution is another folk remedy. It is presented in a composition that includes:

If you mix 40 g of granulated sugar and pepper, and add another 100 g of milk, you will get not just an effective, but a truly poisonous remedy that quickly kills flies. You need to cut several small pieces of paper. They are soaked in the resulting mixture. Then the paper will need to be dried and laid out on the balcony.

Ways to combat midges

So, what are fruit flies and where do they come from - we figured it out. Now I will tell you how to get rid of midges on the balcony. Of course, first of all you need to find the reason for their appearance.

Perhaps somewhere on the balcony you left an apple, a slice of watermelon or other fruit. Spoiled products must be thrown away, and only after that can you begin to fight midges .

As for the fruit flies themselves, there are several ways to get rid of them:

Ways to combat midges

Below we will consider in more detail all options for combating these insects.

Method 1: vacuum cleaner

If you find a large accumulation of midges, then the easiest and most effective way to quickly get rid of them is with a regular vacuum cleaner. Turn it on and bring it to the place where midges accumulate, after which most individuals will simply be sucked into the garbage receptacle.

Keep in mind that you should disassemble the vacuum cleaner and take out the bag of garbage outside the apartment, as midges can fly outside .

Chemistry is an excellent “weapon” against flies

What to do if you can’t get rid of flies at all? You can use “heavy artillery”. The best way out of this situation is to use toxic compounds and chemicals. Hexachlorane powder will be the most effective. They must be used strictly according to the instructions. The powder must be diluted with water. The resulting composition must be used for its intended purpose. It is recommended to use the solution on the balcony:

This industrial composition lasts for a very long time, up to 2 months.

There are many other chemical compounds that help effectively kill flies. It is recommended to purchase products at specialized retail outlets. As a rule, such drugs are not dangerous to humans. However, it is recommended not to ignore basic safety rules when using them. To avoid unpleasant side effects, it is recommended to ventilate the balcony after treatment. You can quickly destroy annoying insects using powerful aerosols.

Eliminating the causes of the problem means eliminating insects!

In fact, where do these pests come from in the apartment? Of course, from the street. Flies are attracted to the balcony by the presence of food or abundance of moisture. That is why insects can be eliminated with a little trick. It is believed that if you darken the room very much for about 15-20 minutes, and then quickly open the windows, the pests will fly into the light, that is, into the street. You can also get rid of “uninvited guests” using a draft. These insects love warmth very much, are afraid of wind, and when it occurs they will definitely leave their cozy place.

When thinking about the question of where flies appear on the balcony, you should definitely check the presence of vegetables and fruits in this room. Avoid accumulation of water and food residues here. Even crumbs can cause these annoying and tenacious bugs to appear. To get insects to leave the balcony, it is worth trying several methods.


How to get rid of small insects?

The most effective and simple remedy for midges is a vacuum cleaner. With its help you can easily and quickly collect small insects. It is important to empty and thoroughly clean the dust container from insects immediately after cleaning - the midges remaining in it may soon fly back out. Of course, this needs to be done away from home.

You can also get rid of midges using a variety of traps. As a rule, insects easily enter a container with narrow holes, but cannot fly out. Such a trap could be a bottle of sweet wine with the remains of the drink as bait, a box of yogurt with the remains of the product and small holes in the lid, etc. All midges caught in the trap should simply be washed off with water.

Another very effective remedy for small insects is Velcro for catching flies.

If the above methods of combating midges do not give the desired effect, you can resort to a more radical method - the use of household chemicals. There are a considerable number of different specialized products on sale. If your balcony is glazed, then you should choose a product intended for indoor use, but if the balcony does not have glazing, you will need a product for use outdoors.

When should preventive measures be used?

In order not to rush into looking for a recipe on how to get away from flies, you should take care in advance of preventive measures to minimize the risk of these pests appearing indoors. And first of all, as a safety measure, fine-mesh polymer meshes are used, installed on window and door openings, ventilation holes and vents. Such a mechanical barrier, if it does not scare you, at least prevents flies from visiting your home en masse.

Replacing regular waste buckets and containers with sealed polymer modules will also be a good preventative measure. Proper cleaning of toilets and regular addition of bleach to open pit latrines will also help prevent the invasion of potential carriers of dangerous diseases. You can also stock up in advance on fumigants, insecticidal lamps and other traps that use modern insect control technologies.

Tips for housewives

There are several recommendations that, if followed, will help you get rid of flies in your apartment much faster. They all strive to make your home as unsuitable for insects as possible, depriving them of food and the ability to reproduce normally.

Cleaning up after pets

If there are pets in the apartment, insufficient care of them can lead to the spread of flies. To prevent this from happening, you need to:

  • make sure that no stale food accumulates in the bowls;
  • Clean the cages regularly by changing the litter box.
  • keep the feeding area clean and ensure that objects do not fall around the bowls onto the floor;
  • Wash food and water bowls regularly;

In addition, it is necessary to regularly organize hygiene procedures for the animal itself.

Garbage storage

Improper storage of garbage leads to rapid proliferation of flies inside. It’s worth starting with the fact that you can leave garbage in the trash can for no more than a day. You must take out the trash every day. After this, be sure to wash the bucket. The best option is a bucket with a lid. In this case, the smell of the waste will not be as strong, and insects will not be able to reach it.

Fruit storage

Sometimes you can get rid of flies by simply placing the fruit in the refrigerator. House flies and fruit flies flock to the smell of overripe or beginning to rot fruits and lay eggs on them. Therefore, fruits and berries purchased or collected from the garden must be carefully selected, stored in the refrigerator and regularly sorted, throwing away spoiled ones.

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