Glass Boards: The Ideal Solution for Your Office

Review of products and services of the company "First Office"

When looking for the ideal equipment for your office or business, pay attention to glass boards from the First Office company. We are a reliable supplier of office and printing equipment, offering a wide range of products from leading manufacturers.

Advantages of Glass Boards:

Stylish design:

Glass whiteboards look modern and stylish, giving your office an elegant and professional look.

Strength and Durability:

Glass is a durable material that ensures a long service life of the board.

Ease of Care:

Glass surfaces are easy to clean and keep clean, making them convenient to use.

Universal Application:

Glass whiteboards are suitable for a variety of tasks: meetings, presentations, note-taking and creative processes.

Product range:

Types of Boards:

  • Magnetic Glass Boards: Ideal for using magnets while adding functionality.
  • Colored Glass Boards: Allow you to choose from a variety of colors to match your decor.

Dimensions and Configurations:

  • Our range includes various sizes and shapes to suit your needs.

Services and Benefits:

Individual Discount System:

We provide a flexible system of discounts for wholesale buyers, as well as individual conditions for regular customers.

Warranty and Certification:

All our products are certified and guaranteed by the manufacturer, providing you with confidence in quality.

Delivery to Regions:

We cooperate with leading transport companies, guaranteeing a convenient and profitable way to deliver orders to all regions of Russia.


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  • Free for regions: 8-800-500-87-76

Pickup Point Address:

Moscow, st. 2nd Karpatskaya, ow. 4 page 1

Choose glass boards from First Office - your office space deserves stylish and functional equipment!

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