How to get rid of sofa bugs at home yourself

Probably every second of our clients, in a conversation with an exterminator during treatment, asks in one way or another why there is an invasion of bed bugs today, why there are so many of them and what to do about this epidemic.

But in reality, the idea of ​​​​an infestation of bed bugs is a misconception, in some ways even similar to an urban myth. To put it to the point and as briefly as possible, in reality there is no invasion or any epidemic. It’s just that in today’s realities, the activity that is normal for bedbugs seems unnatural and like some kind of epidemic.

Let's, for example, now look at the questions about the infestation of bedbugs that we encounter most often, and the exterminators at SanMariDez and our sanitary doctor will give answers to them. And you will see that there is at least no reason to talk about an invasion now. Go…

Sofa bugs. How to get rid of it at home

Special methods have been developed to combat beetles. Four main groups can be distinguished:

  1. People.
  2. Physical.
  3. Chemical.
  4. Help from special services.

The choice largely depends on the financial situation of the owner and his personal preferences. Calling a team of fighters will cost many times more than an independent battle. But efficiency in this case will be guaranteed.

How to get rid of bedbugs on the sofa? Most insect control products are toxic to humans.

Bedbug extermination prices

What is the price for exterminating bedbugs in an apartment from our SES, you can see in the price list on the website. The cost depends on the following factors:

  • processing area;
  • disinfestation methods;
  • guarantee period.

Please note that when ordering the extermination of bedbugs for more than 1 apartment, we give a discount on treatment, so you can cooperate with neighbors who also want to remove parasites.

To order bedbug disinfestation at an economical price, call us or submit a request through the website. Our specialist will answer all questions and advise on price.

Prevention of parasites

To prevent bed bugs from appearing in your apartment, it is enough to follow a number of simple rules, such as:

  • Carrying out regular cleaning of the apartment, emptying the home of unnecessary things. The accumulation of unnecessary things leads to the accumulation of various parasites that simply adore these places.
  • When purchasing new furniture, and especially used furniture, it is better to carefully inspect the furniture from all sides, noting factors that indicate the presence of parasites.
  • The same applies to buying old antiques such as furniture, mirrors in wooden frames, paintings, books, table lamps, etc.
  • After the trip, you should check everything very carefully, with mandatory washing and ironing of all things.
  • Regular inspection of the bed, in addition, paying attention to bites and their nature. When there are mosquitoes in the room, you can always hear them, but you cannot hear insects. In addition, wounds are very different.
  • Carrying out cosmetic repairs, especially replacing wallpaper, baseboards and platforms. The cracks between them and the walls are ideal hiding places for parasites.

If there are insects in the apartment, and especially on the sofa, it is not so easy to get rid of them, especially if children, pregnant women or sick relatives live in the apartment, since the use of chemical control agents in such cases is contraindicated. Therefore, to getting rid of them will require patience and perseverance. You will have to sweat a lot after working with your brain. Everything will be much easier if you use chemistry. It allows you to quickly and efficiently clean your home from pests, and only after that you can organize bouquets of wormwood, tansy or other plants.

While bedbugs have not yet appeared, it is better not to hesitate and take measures to prevent them from actually appearing in the apartment. For this you need very little, but you will be provided with comfortable living conditions.

Cost of processing a cottage (house)

Room size1 year warranty
Up to 70 m3400 rub.
From 71 to 170 m4900 rub.
From 171 to 300 m6500 rub.
From 301 to 500 m10500 rub.
From 501 to 1000 m15300 rub.
From 1001 to 2000 m17200 rub.
From 2001 to 3000 m22200 rub.

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Temperature method

The most effective option, since bed bugs do not tolerate sudden changes in living conditions. And if insects acquire immunity to insecticides and other chemicals, then they are powerless against frost. It is most effective to lower the temperature in the room where the bedbug-infested sofa is located, to at least -10. In private homes in winter, you can turn off the heating and open doors and windows for several hours or days. This is how they fought bedbugs in the villages. However, in the modern world it is very difficult to organize such freezing. Of course, you can take the sofa outside, but insects, their larvae and eggs will still remain in the apartment. In addition, after significant temperature changes, upholstered furniture can deteriorate. It must be dried well to prevent mold from forming. In short, this method is effective, but difficult to implement.

Comfortable temperature for bed bugs is from 25 to 30 degrees. So, you can use the temperature method to remove the beetles, but do it at high temperatures. In hot summers, when the air temperature exceeds 30 degrees, you can expose the sofa to the sun. However, it is worth remembering that the temperature inside the sofa will be lower, which means there is a high probability that it will not be possible to completely “fry” the insects.

Another way to get rid of bed bugs using high temperatures is to steam your sofa. The steam will definitely kill all bed bugs, but it is necessary to treat the furniture in all hard-to-reach places.

How long do bed bugs live?

A feature of parasites is the ability to remain in a state of suspended animation for a long time, up to 140 days. On average, in warm rooms, adult individuals live 10-12 months, in cool rooms - up to 15. The optimal environment for their habitat is an increased level of air humidity with temperatures in the range of +25...+35 °C. In an empty apartment without food sources, bedbugs can spend from 10 months to a year and a half. To maintain the vital functions of an insect, it is enough to feed on human blood once every 5-10 days.

Chemical substances

Our grandmothers knew very well how to poison bedbugs. Chemical solutions are sold in pharmacies and hardware stores. They are dangerous to human and animal health. Take pets out of the apartment during treatment.

  • Ammonia. Pour 10 milliliters into a container and place it near the beetle’s habitat. The strong smell will make them leave.
  • Denatured alcohol. Instantly kills larvae and adults. Treat the area where they live with denatured pure alcohol.
  • A mixture of cresol, naphthalene, kerosene in a ratio of 10:1:20. The mixture is used to clean all possible bed bug habitats.

All the substances described are toxic; they can corrode rubber gloves and even skin. Follow safety rules when working with them. Avoid contact with open areas of the body, mucous membranes, and eyes. In this case, rinse with plenty of water and consult a doctor.

Where do bedbugs come from?

Blood-sucking parasites enter the house through gaps and cracks in the walls or floor, and can enter the apartment through ventilation grilles and windows, cracks under the entrance doors. If the inhabitants of a neighboring apartment change their place of residence, the insects crawl into other rooms where there are people. You can bring a bedbug in a suitcase from a long trip, or bring it on your body or clothes after a walk in the forest. The eggs of blood-sucking insects enter the house on the fur of pets.

Cluttered utility rooms - attics, attics and basements - become habitats for parasites. They can get there along with old things from flea markets (clothes and shoes), corrugated cardboard and paper packaging, actively multiplying in old newspapers and magazines.

Removing bedbugs using improvised methods

You can get rid of household parasites using improvised methods while their numbers are small. There are several ways to get rid of bed bugs on your couch.

You can't just kill them. The shell of bed bugs is hard and it is difficult to crush the insect. The eggs are small and difficult to destroy, but if left in hard-to-reach areas, the insect population will rebound.

Vacuum cleaner

You can collect bed bugs using a vacuum cleaner. To do this you need to know all their habitats. Work quickly and carefully so that the insects do not have time to scatter to other shelters. The method is not effective, it will require a lot of effort, and there may be no result.


Bedbugs do not tolerate high temperatures (more than +50 degrees). This should be used to expel uninvited parasites.

You can remove it using a steam generator. An ordinary household hair dryer will not work; it cannot maintain a high temperature for a long time.

A steam generator should be used to treat bed bug areas and their suspected habitat. They are usually installed at a distance of 3 meters from the place where a person sleeps.

The steam should be directed at the insects and held for a few seconds so that it can affect the eggs.

It is better to use a steam generator to walk through the areas where bedbugs were found several times to ensure the death of all parasites. In this way, you can eliminate the destruction of bed bugs if they have not managed to reproduce in a large colony.


If nocturnal parasites have been living in the apartment for a long time, you should pay special attention to bedding. This is where bed bugs like to lay their eggs.

A hot iron will help fight them. After washing in hot (or boiled) water, turn the bed linen inside out and iron all seams with a high-temperature iron and steam.

Are bedbugs really taking over major cities around the world?

If you want to exaggerate the situation, then you can say so. Indeed, there are a lot of bedbugs in large cities around the world; they spread quite quickly between districts and penetrate relatively new residential buildings. And even if sanitation services work well in a city, if their services are available to people, it is usually not possible to deal with bedbugs anywhere, because all people are different.

Some people have been trying unsuccessfully to get rid of bedbugs using folk remedies for years and only worsen the situation in their apartment, while the insects spread among their neighbors. Some people do not feel bedbug bites and live peacefully with them. Some people simply live in unsanitary conditions and believe that this is the norm - dirt, cockroaches, bedbugs and cigarette butts right on the floor.

Or, for example, hostels and hotels, where guests regularly bring bedbugs with their belongings - here the insects appear, multiply, poison them, but before that, individual individuals manage to crawl to their neighbors or leave in the bag of a guest to another city or even to another country.

In general, in a large city, bedbugs always have breeding grounds in which they live in safety and from which they can spread throughout the area.

Simply put, bedbugs do not take over cities, but simply live here constantly with people, adapt to new technologies in homes and learn to survive encounters with new insecticides.

Moreover, bedbugs actually live in all major cities of the world. And there are a lot of them in small ones too. And they don’t even live in cities either. Moreover, the larger the city, the more rooms it has suitable for bedbugs, the more intense the migration of people in it, from it and into it, and the more bedbugs there are. In Moscow and St. Petersburg there are a huge number of bedbugs, in Sochi, Tula and Irkutsk there are also a lot, but less than in St. Petersburg, about the same as there are fewer people and houses here.

And outside Russia the situation is similar. A university associate professor I know, who has nothing to do with insects in his research (he is a virologist), was on a business trip to Sweden. He says that in all the cities he has visited, people in the suburbs are constantly struggling with bedbugs, including Stockholm. People from the USA and Germany often write to us in messages on the website or by email and ask for advice on how to combat bedbugs. Yes, if you just look at how many pest control services operate in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, it will become clear that there are no fewer bedbugs in America than in Russia.

By the way, bedbugs have long expanded the boundaries of their natural range. If initially they lived in the wild in Central and Asia Minor, then over the past couple of thousand years they have dispersed with people all over the world. Moreover, they have dispersed - the person himself brings them with him to new places. Bed bugs, which live in caves and burrows and cannot fly, cannot crawl far on their own. Moreover, they are not able to swim across the ocean. So people themselves transport them all over the world, carry them in the bags of their Turkish and Thai hotels to Moscow, Omsk and Barnaul, and then blame it all on some kind of invasion.

By the way, sometimes they even write to us from Anadyr and Arkhangelsk, consulting on declopization. This is important: bedbugs are not capable of living outside human habitation, either in Arkhangelsk or in Anadyr, and they themselves would not crawl here through the taiga and tundra. So think about who organized this very invasion.

In general, bedbugs dispersed all over the world with people, settled in cities and villages, and live there now. They breed together with people, enjoy the benefits of civilization - warmth and comfort - and multiply. And if this looks like a “capture” of cities, then let it be a capture.

How to detect pests

Identifying pests is the most important condition for treating them. Before choosing a remedy for parasites, you need to know for sure whether there are insects on the sofa. There are a number of signs of its presence:

  • itching that gets worse every 7 days;
  • skin rash located on roads;
  • exacerbation of allergies;
  • sexually mature individuals remaining after one night between beds;
  • a scattering of black marks on the leaves;
  • traces of blood on night clothes;
  • specific smell.

For those wondering how to tell if there are bed bugs, there is some simple advice. When you wake up in the middle of the night, you should suddenly turn on a bright light. Then the insects that have not had time to disperse can be seen with the naked eye. Between about 3 and 4 o'clock they are at their peak of activity.

The first step is to carefully inspect the bed. During the day, the sleeping furniture should be completely disassembled and every corner examined. Even if no insects are found on the sofa, bed or sofa, they should be thoroughly washed and scalded with boiling water. After the furniture is assembled. If the product is already old, it is better to throw it away and buy a new bed to sleep on.

Among other recommendations on how to determine whether there are bedbugs on a sofa, the most common is the following: you should inspect the surrounding area. First of all, you need to look in these places:

  • between curtains;
  • in the corners;
  • behind the rugs;
  • behind the baseboard;
  • under the wallpaper.

It is in these secluded corners that unpleasant neighbors like to hide. After the presence of bed bugs on the sofa has been eliminated, you need to think about how to get rid of bed bugs at home.

Why bedbugs are dangerous and why you shouldn’t delay pest control

Sometimes people are allergic to bedbug bites, and then the skin becomes covered with swollen red spots. But even if you don’t have such a reaction, the appearance of pests creates psycho-emotional problems in the form of sleepless nights, constant itching and fear of insects crawling on your body. For these reasons at least, you shouldn’t delay removing pests and call the Moscow bedbug extermination service. Disinfestation lasts only a few hours, and bedbugs disappear, if not forever, then for a very long time

In what cases does an apartment need to be re-processed?

After treating the sofa against domestic insects using improvised means at home, the parasites die within a month. It happens that insects adapt to chemicals. The survival rate in this case exceeds 93%, both adults and eggs remain.

With direct spraying, people die within 30-40 minutes, mass damage occurs within 2-3 days.

During this period of time, the parasites spread throughout the apartment, spreading across the surface of the poisoned floor and receiving their dose of poison. Young individuals die 2 weeks after disinfestation; larvae hatching from eggs also die. If capsule preparations were used during processing, the shelf life is extended by 30 days. These drugs have a longer duration of activity and can act for a long time.

Don't panic if the insects appear again after treatment; wait another 2 weeks.

Repeated treatment with stronger poisons is carried out in the following cases:

  • new bites constantly appear on the skin;
  • the habitat has changed: insects have moved from the bedroom to the living room or children's room;
  • infection occurred again at home: through ventilation or through clothing;
  • self-hypnosis in the subconscious - it seems to apartment owners that the pests have not disappeared anywhere.

If you do not follow pest control rules, not all eggs will die the first time. Possibly improper preparation or loss of the nest while spraying the poison. The second option is that they did wet cleaning too quickly, the poison did not work.

If the sofa is old, you can treat bedbugs with a more effective method: you need to remove the upholstery, after treating the upholstered furniture, it is thrown away along with the new material.

Survivors develop immunity to the drugs, which is passed on to their offspring. Secondary disinsection is carried out in several stages, and this is best done by professionals. The algorithm looks like this:

  • the level of infection is assessed;
  • the most dangerous areas are identified;
  • food and personal belongings are removed from the room;
  • small children, animals and adults, except for the exterminator, leave the apartment;
  • furniture moves to the center of the room; passages to the walls must be open;
  • the chemical composition is prepared;
  • spraying is in progress.

The specialist closes the windows tightly, the room can be ventilated after 3 hours (according to the instructions). Additionally, wet cleaning is carried out.

This method allows you to permanently clean furniture from parasites.

Clue! A few days after the procedure, the room will need to be cleaned - the insects will come out of their hiding place and die. You can use a vacuum cleaner to collect dead or half-dead bloodsuckers.

The price of exterminating bedbugs in enterprises

Room size1 year warranty
Up to 70 m3900 rub.
From 71 to 170 m4600 rub.
From 171 to 300 m5500 rub.
From 301 to 400 m6550 rub.
From 401 to 500 m8050 rub.
From 501 to 700 m9450 rub.
From 701 to 1000 m12750 rub.
From 1000 to 1500 m14400 rub.
From 1501 to 2000 m20,000 rub.
From 2001 to 3500 m25,000 rub.
From 3501 to 5000 m30,000 rub.
From 5001 to 10000 m40,000 rub.
From 10000 m50,000 rub.

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Signs of sofa bed bugs

You can find out if there are blood-sucking insects in your home by the following signs:

  1. Bites of a certain nature on the human body. They appear in the morning. In addition, depending on external signs, the resulting spots can easily be mistaken for a reaction to a mosquito bite or other parasite. Bed bugs make several bites in food they find nearby. Pests attack a person on the sofa while moving, creating a trail of red dots or spots.
  2. Drops of blood left by pests on the sofa. They are always small in size and appear if a person crushes an insect in a dream. The furniture beetle is very swollen, with a lot of blood, and is easy to crush.
  3. A specific smell reminiscent of old cognac. It appears when there are more bed bugs. They multiply quickly inside the sofa, so the pest population increases in a short time.

    Signs of sofa parasites

    This symptom is a consequence of the accumulation of waste products of bed bugs on various surfaces and on the sofa.

  4. The presence of “shells” in various hidden places of the apartment. As insects grow, they shed their chitinous coverings several times, which allows them to become sexually mature individuals. The more pests there are inside the sofa, the faster the amount of debris will increase.
  5. When bitten by bedbug larvae, a person may wake up immediately, since at this stage of development they have not yet developed the function of administering an anesthetic substance. Used by adults for bites.
  6. Pest feces inside the sofa. Industrial waste is similar to poppy seeds.

The most obvious sign is bed bugs. If their number increases, parasites are found in a variety of places and on the inside of sofas. As soon as there are suspicions that an apartment is infested with bedbugs, you first need to look for them where the sleeping places of family members are located.

In this case, can the situation with bedbugs be called an epidemic?

It is also incorrect to call the spread of bedbugs an epidemic. An epidemic is the spread of an infectious disease among people. Bedbugs do not cause any diseases; they do not transmit any other pathogens to people through bites, that is, they are not infectious agents.

If we were to engage in chicanery, we could say that bedbug bites cause a certain physiological reaction in humans, and bedbugs themselves can be considered the causative agents of a complex of such reactions. In this case, their mass reproduction could be considered an epidemic.

Indeed, bedbug bites can provoke the development of a complex of symptoms (redness, itching, allergies), and such a complex can sometimes be classified as entomosis - diseases caused by insects. However, there is no separate entomosis for bedbugs; such a disease does not have any special name, and therefore, in principle, it is impossible to talk about some kind of epidemic of bedbugs.

In a figurative sense, an epidemic is sometimes called the mass spread of something among people. For example, terms such as tourism epidemic, telephone epidemic, social network epidemic, and the like have taken root. In this figurative sense, one can say about the bedbug epidemic. But this will be nothing more than decoration.

How to prevent the spread

To stop the reproduction process, you need to create unacceptable conditions for this. The main factor is temperature difference. Conditions within +25…+35°C are considered comfortable for parasites. When the temperature is lowered with the help of an air conditioner to +18 and below, the development of insects slows down and the reproduction process is inhibited.

This will prevent the spread of insects until the bedbug nests on the sofa are destroyed.

When introducing pests, it is necessary to find their habitat. If it is destroyed, the number of insects will decrease many times. This is the fastest way to control pests in your home and also prevent further spread of insects.

Find all bed bug nests inside the sofa



Benefits of calling a bedbug extermination service

In our service, you can order bedbug treatment with a guarantee and travel throughout Moscow, the price of which is from 1,600 rubles per apartment. This is a quick way to effectively get rid of household and bed bugs. Considering that you will spend a lot of time on self-processing without guaranteeing results, ordering services from a disinfection service is much easier and sometimes even cheaper. Often people have been struggling with this problem for years, but lose hope and still call us, because we offer:

  • quick disinfestation of any premises;
  • processing even in hard-to-reach places;
  • guarantee of complete removal of all individuals: adult bedbugs, larvae and eggs;
  • use of the latest equipment;
  • highly effective methods of disinfection of bedbugs, safe for the environment, people and animals;
  • all activities are carried out in accordance with SanPiN

A one-year warranty is included in the cost of bedbug treatment!

Thanks to professional processing tools and more than 10 years of experience, we take on even the most complex cases and set reasonable prices for our services.

Our service specialists know how to get rid of bedbugs even where other pest control services cannot. And the price of pest control services compares favorably with many competitors. At the City Disinfection Station, the result is guaranteed. Modern equipment for exterminating bedbugs allows you to treat large areas in a short time. Premium pest control products have a prolonged effect, so not a single bug will survive the work of our service.

Reviews from our clients

  • I never thought that Read more...bedbugs are so difficult to deal with. Every week I used more and more expensive chemicals against them, with zero results. As a result, my wife called the specialists of this company, who, quite cheaply and in just a couple of hours, seem to have rid us of the pests forever. I recommend it to everyone. Vitaly, metro station Nagornaya
  • Hello! As Read more...promised, I’m leaving my review, thank you guys for your help, you know, my family forgot my work with you, who the bugs are, good luck to you! m. Novogireevo, Victoria N.
  • For our children's wedding, we gave Read apartment, which we bought at a reasonable price. When we started the renovation, we noticed that along with the apartment we also got bedbugs. It’s good that we noticed this immediately and called a disinfectant. He cleaned up the premises, and now we know that our newlyweds will live in a clean apartment. The procedure itself was fairly quick, and we spent little money on it. We were warned that if the insects reappeared, under no circumstances should we try to remove them ourselves, but it is better to immediately invite specialists. Yes, we ourselves wouldn’t take on this work, because we don’t understand it at all. Mr. Reutov, Andrey N
  • I am a pensioner and am forced to rent out a room to visitors. Usually I came across clean people, but about three years ago I rented it to such tenants, after which bedbugs appeared. I thought that was it, I’d just die with them, because getting rid of bedbugs is very difficult. Okay, a friend suggested contacting the emergency services. I called a worker who came the next day and cleaned all the cracks and baseboards. I didn’t really see it because I went to a neighbor’s house. After the treatment, I was told that when there are a lot of bedbugs, I need to do it again. I think, since this is the case, it’s better to do everything right away, as knowledgeable people say. She called again a few days later. Thank you. Everything is fine now. It’s a pity that I don’t know what kind of tenants we’ll get next time, but even without this, it’s impossible - the pension is just pennies. Lyudmila Egorovna, Moscow
  • Don’t be afraid to contact Read more…a disinfection company, they personally helped me a lot. The bedbugs simply disappeared, and we sleep peacefully at night. Some may be unlucky, but our family is very grateful. The main thing is not to wash everything right away, let the apartment be completely disinfected. Raisa Alekseevna, Elektrougli
  • We bought an apartment, but, unfortunately, it came with bedbugs. This is just terrible, we regretted it a hundred times, we had to call for disinfection. After 2 treatments the bugs died. If they appear again, we will call again, since there were a lot of them. Inexpensive and convenient. I did not regret that I contacted this company. Yulia, Reutov
  • We thought for a long time what to do, More details...whatever poisoned the bedbugs that the sellers found in the store assured that it would be effective and would help, but that was not the case. Thanks to the guys, they came, they helped, the bedbugs disappeared, we sleep peacefully. Tatyana Mikhailovna, Kolomenskaya metro station
  • I never tire of being amazed by those people, More...who invite charlatans in order to get rid of bedbugs, cockroaches and other evil spirits. They either have a lot of money, or they have steely health, especially nerves. Do you want to live with these most terrible human companions? Live and don’t complain, but I personally don’t need that. Sometimes you have to at least turn on your brain and understand that this is just funny. When cockroaches appeared in my elderly parents’ apartment, I immediately contacted a disinfection service. They told me how to prepare the room and I took my parents with me for a few days. The disinfectant arrived at 10, as agreed, and began processing. I then closed the apartment, and the next day I arrived, put on gloves, cleaned everything and washed it with regular floor detergent, and took the carpets outside. Fast, inexpensive and convenient, that is, the service kept its promise. Elena, Moscow
  • Hello! You carried out Read treatment for bedbugs in the spring, I specifically decided to wait a while to see if they would appear again. Didn't show up and the warranty is still valid! So thank you very much for saving us from these parasites! Evgenia, Moscow

Read more reviews about us on the page.

We work seven days a week and will come to remove bedbugs at any time convenient for you. Our exterminators will inspect the premises, draw up a work plan and select the best treatment methods. After this, we will accurately calculate how much disinsection against bedbugs costs, agree on the price with you and sign a service agreement, which details the working conditions and a guarantee for up to 3 years. If necessary, our specialists will carry out re-processing completely free of charge.

Entrust your bed bug extermination problems to the professionals! To get a consultation

Disinfection of things from bedbugs

The direct destruction of insects is disinfestation. Disinfecting things from bedbugs helps neutralize pathogenic microorganisms left behind by pests. It is often used as an additional measure after the pests have been destroyed, since bedbugs leave behind a lot of dirt in which bacteria multiply at a monstrous rate.

In order not only to rid clothes of bedbugs, but also to eliminate the consequences of their presence in it, things can be treated with special disinfectants for textiles. You can purchase them in specialized stores and online. Suitable means for this purpose include:

  • Ecobreeze
  • Septolite-TCC
  • Forex chlorine
  • Hypostabil
  • Avansept-Spray
  • Sulfochloranthin-D
  • Nika-chlorine
  • Trilox
  • Abacteril
  • Purzhavel
  • Aquaminol-Spray

Disinsection and disinfection of individual items and things is practically useless without large-scale persecution of bedbugs throughout the entire apartment, so if you start treating things, be sure to combine these two processes, otherwise you will simply contribute to the migration of pests throughout your home and will not solve the problem completely.


Calculate the cost of exterminating insects in the house

Number of rooms:
(Cold fog)

(Cold Fog + Barrier Defense)

(Hot fog + Premium drugs + Barrier protection)

(Hot fog + VIP drugs + Barrier protection)

Total cost: 01

Order processing


This is a moisture-loving plant that is found in forests, near rivers and lakes, and in wetlands. The leaves of wild rosemary are oblong, glossy, and look like pine needles. The plant has unusual flowers, grouped into ball-shaped inflorescences.

Ledum contains phytoncides, which repel bedbugs. However, it is necessary to use the flower for this purpose with extreme caution, since the strong smell can cause weakness, dizziness, nausea and even vomiting.

It is necessary to harvest wild rosemary to combat bedbugs during flowering. It has a woody stem, so the shoots can be cut with a sharp knife or scissors.

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